Lara Golan



My Daughter Was Stolen (feature film)

Directed by Don Fautleroy, Written/Produced by Richard Brandes, Produced by Ari Golan

America Song from The Sausage Show

Co-Directed by Susan Payne O’Brien and Sarah Bendix, Written collaboratively by the members of Forte Chicago, Performed by Kristen Bigham, Kira Dills-DeSurra, Carrie Kocsis, Brittany Loewen, Amanda Noelle Neal, Alexandra Salas, Angela Torres, Heidi Joosten (pianist)

Distant Flight of Birds (Selection from 3rd Movement: Song of the Feather)

Directed by Sarah Bendix, Lyrics by Susan Payne O’Brien, Performed by Leah Hungerford, Amanda Noelle Neal, Alexandra Salas, Alexandra Plattos Sulack, Angela Torres, Seth King-Gengler (pianist)

Belonging in the U.S.A.

Created and Directed by Arielle Nóbile

Ear Dream from Dr. Egg and the Man With No Ear

Written by Catherine Fargher and Jessica Wilson

Directed by Jessica Wilson